Will the owner(s) of school violence please step forward? We do not want to repeat ourselves so please step forward. As you would imagine no one has stepped forward to own this problem. And, rightly so—the begging question is whose problem is school violence? The answer is all of ours. Are you surprised? So, now that we are aware that the problem of school violence belongs to all of us (parents, teachers, students, janitors, administrators, entrepreneurs, politicians, preachers, media workers, law enforcement officers, social services personnel, medical personnel, entertainers and bystanders) now we can all saddle up our horses and deal with it. We all own this problem and together we must all work to solve it.

At the school

Kids have a world to explore in school; a lot of activities go on beyond the classroom and playground. But it's a sad reality that these spaces—classrooms, cafeterias, playgrounds, and school buses—are not always as safe as they should be. While we teach our kids about fire drills and stranger danger, often the threat of school violence comes from within the community, not just faceless outsiders.

School Bus

Because a safe ride to school sets the tone for a safe day.


Where fun meets safety, because playtime shouldn't be risky.


Mealtime is for making friends, not fearing threats.


Secure classrooms lead to successful futures.

Despite ramped-up security, incidents continue to shake our schools and impact families deeply. That's why it's crucial to equip our young ones with practical knowledge and survival tips from an early age. Our book serves as a lifesaving guide that aims to fill the safety gaps in a child's school life. Through simple, digestible advice, we hope to empower both parents and teachers to make a lasting impact—one that might just save a life.

Let them paint..

Kids have limitless imaginative capabilities with which they can speak for themselves. As parents we should always encourage them to get indulged in art with free mind. The creativity that comes out of them is pure.

We are blessed with two angels Gabrielle and Daniel. We are sharing some of Gabrielle's work on this page and we would be very glad if you could share your children's work with us. Send us an email to gklabooks@gmail.com with any form of your children's work or any feedback.

Meet the Authors

Dr. Natalie Johnson

Dr. Natalie A. Johnson-Leslie, is an Associate Professor of teacher education at Arkansas State University. She received her PhD from Iowa State University in the areas of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies as well as Curriculum and Instructional Technology. She teaches early childhood, mid-level and secondary education pre-service teachers. Her main research interests lie in the field of educational leadership, technology integration in the curriculum, assessing and evaluating student behavior as well as school violence.

H. Steve Leslie

H. Steve Leslie, is Instructor of Business Communication and the former Interim Director of the Arkansas State University Faculty Center. Mr. Leslie also spent 7 years as an adjunct instructor in Communication Studies at Arkansas State University. His professional background is in education, banking and financial systems, sales and service management, and as an integrator, trainer and financial analyst. Mr. Leslie has a teaching diploma in Math and Science; M.B.A. in Finance and Banking; M.A. in Communication Studies and M.S. in Information Systems and E-Commerce. His research interests include school violence, human communication, sales and service management and gender equity. He recently completed the Specialist in Community College Teaching and is currently working towards a doctorate in Educational Leadership.

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